5 Best Cities In Europe For A Single Guy

While being a single guy can be lonely, it also comes with some advantages.  The following 5 best cities in Europe for a single guy consider these advantages and more when making a lost of places you may want to visit.

1.  Berlin

The capital of Germany, Berlin is continuing to grow at an incredible rate.  Bringing in talent from Europe and beyond, Berlin in more than 9 times the size of Paris.  A thriving city that manages to be unique and culturally creative without being overly in the lime light, Berlin offers an incredible experience for single men.

Berlin acts as a magnet for women the world over.  It is so large that it has many smaller enclaves with populations that are unique and diverse.  In addition, the nightlife in Berlin is great for guys with extreme places like the KitKat Club or Berghain offering unique entertainment found no where else in Europe.  

2.  London

An international tourist destination, London is great for single guys looking to have a great time with friends.  With an incredible culture that lays out the red carpet for guy friend adventures, London is a city that has a number of scenes to explore.  

Along with a great party scene, London has a lot of women among the pubs and music scene.  Meeting people is not a problem in a city that caters towards group exploration and enjoyment.  

3.  Budapest

Budapest combines a number of different factors that make it among the best cities for a single guy.  First, there is the culture that is far less rigid than what you find in the west of Europe and far more accepting of an easier lifestyle.  Full of a rich and deep heritage, Budapest brings a lot to the table from coffee houses to unique architecture.

On top of that, Budapest also has some of the sweetest women in the world.  Feminine and attractive, Budapest women are engaging, fun, and are more easily approachable than other cities in Europe.  In addition, the night life of Budapest opens itself up to a lot of exploration and fun.

Easy to buy real estate in, Budapest offers unique opportunities.  For any single guy out there, it is a city that is definitely worth checking out. 

4.  Ibiza

A great destination designed for fun and exploration, Ibiza offers luxury and entertainment.  Consider visiting the clubs and enjoy a nightlife filled with unique sounds and scenes.  Sitting on a beautiful beach, you can take in the wonderful coast and see for yourself the location where great looking women go.  

With so many wealthy, rich, and beautiful women in one place, Ibiza is one of the best places to find attractive women who are accustomed to a lifestyle of excitement.  With people from all over the world enjoying this tiny island, you will be amazed at who you see and who you meet during your stay.  While some locations provide the opportunity to stay and settle, Ibiza is best experienced as a vacation.  

5.  Kiev

Home to some of the most attractive women in the world, Kiev provides a unique destination city in Europe for men looking to explore a city built for the single guy.  Far from being a place that is unsafe, Kiev manages to be more stable and reliably safe than the majority of other European cities.  While conflict may be going on in Eastern Ukraine, Kiev remains a wonderful place to live and work.

Kiev has among the lowest costs of living in Europe.  Its women are among the most attractive in the entire world, beating out the majority of cities in Europe.  Embracing a more traditional femininity, Kiev women are tall and lean.  Be aware that if you move to Kiev, you should have a job as the welfare state is all but non-existent.