6 OUTRAGEOUS Diets That Celebs Used To Lose FAT FAST!

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The Coffee Diet’ By Mary Kate Olson

While most of us take the good old coffee as a breakfast essential or simply to put out the cold, Mary Kate Olson has a different opinion. It is not clear what the fashion designer, producer and actress finds in this drink that many of us do not but she claims that it tremendously helped her lose weight.

Now, of course we all know coffee will help you lose weight as it is a classic appetite suppressant and facilitates metabolism. However, when one chooses to consume up to 12 cups a day, there is a deal with it that’s more than just the weight loss motive.

The Eggie Diet by Nicole Kidman

The sensational Nicole Kidman has won many fans with her easygoing disposition and now it appears she might just add some more with a recent revelation on her diet. It was revealed that Nicole often goes in a hardboiled egg diet while trying slimming down in readiness for a movie.

In this diet, the actress chooses to have one egg as breakfast and 2 -3 eggs in the course of the day. Well, we may think of it as a crazy diet but if her looks are anything to go by, this diet appears to be giving her all the justice, just not sure if it would have the same results with the rest of us.

Naomi Campbell Detox Diet’

What is Naomi Campbell famed for? She is a supermodel, no doubt about that. Naomi is also a socialite and raving is an inseparable part of her. Well, as it turns out, she is also a horrible dieter. Naomi has been known to consume what most of us would reserve for a body detox program –a mixture of cayenne pepper, maple syrup, water & lemon juice.

It is believed that at certain times of the year, usually three times, Naomi consumes only this drink for several weeks at a time. As yet, it is not clear whether there is a direct correlation between the drink and her gorgeous physical attributes or controversial personality; the deal with the drink is only known to herself.

Lemonade Diet by Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce is one of the many celebrities with an inspiring weight loss story. The ’Dangerously in Love’’ superstar dropped a whopping 20 pounds in just two weeks on what could be described as a ’Master Cleanse Diet’’ – The Lemonade Diet’.

Well, this diet consists of a beverage made from maple syrup, lemons and cayenne pepper and it is to be taken for 10 days. It surely guarantees weight loss results but given it is taken without food, you will have to be strong enough to even live to the tenth day before worrying whether or not you have actually lost weight. It is not clear how Beyonce does it though but all we know is that it somewhat works for her.

Anthony Hopkins 3-Year Old Child Caloric Intake

Anthony Hopkins says that he was addicted to cookies, bread and similar foods and when his wife broached the idea of sticking to a regiment, he thought it was probably about time to take to the gym. He spends most of his time in the gym, 6 days a week where he power walks and literally lives on 800-calories a day.


The funniest part is that he is depending on a caloric-intake that is often recommended for a three-year old child. Well, perhaps he might not have realized but this diet will surely guarantee short-term weight loss results but at the expense of long-term health issues.

Jennifer Aniston Baby Food Diet

Just like Anthony Hokins, Jennifer Aniston was reported to be getting by on a strict baby-food only diet. However, the mere thing that this is a baby diet is not the only weird thing about it.

The diet is known not to provide any calories required for the average adult. Many now think of her as one of the desperate victims of fad diets but interestingly, she is doing just fine, perhaps her whole system has adapted to the pureed sweet potatoes & stewed green beans.