Discover the World’s 10 Best Places to Retire in 2021 (On a Budget)

Most of us dream of a peaceful and pleasant retirement. If you do, too, you may wonder which parts of the world offer the most affordable retirement experience. To help you learn what you want to know, we’ve put together a list of the world’s 10 best places to retire in 2021 (on a budget). Once you’ve discovered these interesting locales, you may want to choose one and then put a new retirement plan into action.

To make the list practical, we’ve included a couple of American locations, as a lot of our readership are USA citizens. The rest of the places are in other countries. Without further ado, let’s check out places to retire which offer a lower cost of living and plenty of other appealing perks. 

10.) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This American city features a lower cost of living than average, by a whopping 8.5 percent. As well, its homes are quite affordable, as the median average cost of a dwelling is just 119k. You’ll need to give over just about ten percent of your income to taxes when you live in Pittsburgh. However, this isn’t too high of a percentage compared to other American cities. Pittsburgh has plenty of great services for old folk, such as health care centres and hospitals, so it will be easy to find the services that you need. It also has a great transit system. 

9.) Indianapolis, Indiana

This American city has all of the modern amenities, so you won’t have to sacrifice convenience and access to everything that you want and need in order to enjoy affordable retirement living. The cost of living in this area is 12.8 percent under the average for the USA. This means that a lot of things cost less in the city. In terms of housing prices, the cost of homes average around 134k. As well, there is good healthcare in place and lots of fun things to see and do, including scenic White River State Park and an arty district known as Mass Ave. 

8.) Costa Rica, Central America

If you want something more exotic, you may want to consider Costa Rica. It’s reasonably-priced and offers a good standard of living to retirees from abroad. How well you want to live really depends on you. However, it’s possible to make ends meet there for about fifteen hundred to two thousand dollars per month. A lot of couples who retire there choose to spend two to three grand per month in order to access a pleasant lifestyle. Before investing in real estate or otherwise taking the plunge, do lots of research.

7.) Mexico, North America

Mexico is also affordable for retirees from foreign lands. It’s possible to live there for about twenty-three hundred dollars per month and this includes all monthly living expenses. If you love a resort vibe, consider a small resort area, such as Isla Mujeres, which is close to Cancun. Those who prefer a big-city lifestyle may want to consider sprawling Mexico City. Again, as with Costa Rica, the more legal advice and hard facts you access before making a move and/or buying a property, the better. 

6.) France, Europe

While we don’t associate Paris with affordability, not everyone in France live in this world capital’s ritzy neighborhoods. The truth is that most people who live in France earn about 30k per annum and live in smaller towns and cities, where the cost of living is a lot lower than Paris. If you’re interested in living in France, in order to drink in the beauty and culture and in order to enjoy the mild weather, consider the Languedoc-Roussillon region. It’s a great place to settle down and enjoy your golden years. 

5.) Guam, Micronesia

Guam is very affordable for retirees and it’s about three hundred and fifty miles away from Hawaii. You’ll love the area’s pristine beaches and the character and uniqueness of its villages. Lots of people speak English there, which is nice for most retirees, and the USA dollar is the primary form of currency. You’ll be able to access a cheaper cost of living, while enjoying a lifestyle which is peaceful. The area has so much natural beauty and charm. Most retirees spend two to three grand per month. However, it is possible to spend less. 

4.)  Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is a big city, so it’s not the cheapest city on earth. However, retiring there will cost less than it does in many USA cities. When you choose this location, you should be able to find an apartment for four hundred bucks a month. It’s possible to buy a place for 70k. Other monthly bills are pretty cheap. As well, the city offers great transit which is very affordable. For example, you may get on the subway for only fifty cents. It’s beautiful there, with a nice, warm climate. Be sure to do tons of due diligence before buying property there and making firm decisions about moving. This is good advice for anyone who wants to retire in another country. You cannot be too careful. 

3.) Valencia, Spain

Valencia is gorgeous and it currently has low housing prices, which is a definite plus for retirees. When you choose this Spanish city, you’ll find that tons of properties are for sale. For example, you should be able to pick up a one-bedroom condo for just 65k. If you prefer to rent, you’ll find that you may access a two-bedroom flat in the city for about 780 Euros per month. As well, property taxes in the city are low and good health care is available, which is public and free. Medication is cheap also. As you can see, this retirement destination offers a lot of advantages. 

2.) Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is an appealing destination, thanks to its climate and cheap cost of living. Thailand in general is quote popular with those of retirement age and it’s possible to live a great lifestyle there for about two grand each month. Groceries for the month may cost as little as fifty bucks. Even local eateries are very affordable. There is lots to do in Chiang Mai and health care is free. As well, this area is known for offering tons of fun things to see and do. 

1.) Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

This city is flanked by volcanoes and its villages feature Mayan heritage, which makes them character-filled and exciting places. As well, the cilmate is great and ranges between sixty and eighty F. It’s possible to live so cheaply in this region, as homes near the water may be rented for just three hundred bucks per month! In addition, other everyday expenses are really low. It’s possible to access domestic help and nursing assistance for very low rates, so this location definitely offers a lot of benefits to budget-conscious retirees who wish to access the best of everything for much less than they would pay in the USA, Canada or Europe. 

Which Location is RIght for You?

You deserve a great retirement. Hopefully, our guide has given you some insight into where to go and how to prepare. As we’ve mentioned, it’s vital to get advice before moving and before buying property. For example, you should retain the services of an international lawyer when you’re preparing to buy real estate. This legal eagle should specialise in the protecting the interests of expatriates. 

If you do all of the right homework and research, you will find that it’s possible to move abroad without too much hassle or uncertainty. There is a lot that you can do in terms of preparing before you go. We advise spending time in your preferred location before you decide to move there. See how you feel when you’re there. 

Of course, American cities are also an option. It’s all about choosing what works for you. When you do move within America, you won’t need to worry about doing the same level of research. However, you should still do your homework. 

We hope that our detailed guide has given you the insight that you need. We want to help you get inspired. Some people want adventure and exotic charm from retirement living, while others prefer cities which aren’t too different from where they already live. Hopefully, this guide has given you enough options to help you plan effectively. The key to retiring in a cheap place is getting all of the facts before you go. Every variable should be examined. Any statistics that you find online should come from authority resources and any real estate deals should be pursued through established and reputable real estate firms. 

It’s possible to live very cheaply in some amazing places. If you open your mind, you may decide that going abroad to retire in the answer. While there will be culture shock, it’s definitely something to consider and more and more retirees are deciding to take the plunge. It’s all about selecting a great location, doing research and then moving forward with a plan.