Dyson is about to unveil a new robot-vacuum cleaner, but some details are already (maybe) known

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The vacuum cleaner giant is about to try the robotic vacuum cleaner market again, and a new listing in the FCC reveals its next product that has not yet been announced

From the FCC registry

There is no shortage of leaks of technology products that come from factories, suppliers and sometimes also from factors that are within the companies themselves, but sometimes it is the bureaucratic processes that give us the early glimpse of products that have not yet been announced. This time it’s Dyson’s turn that may have just launched the new V15 but is already preparing for the launch of a new vacuum cleaner robot, and this was revealed using images that came directly from the FCC.

The engine of Dyson’s hits, in a vacuum cleaner

The Verge noticed a relatively new listing in the FCC, the U.S. Communications Authority, which appears to have been sent to it by Dyson in early September. As part of this listing, photos of a new model of robot cleaner made by the company that has become synonymous with vacuum cleaners are revealed. According to the photos Dyson went for a look reminiscent of the Dyson V10 with a blue-purple-silver body.

Full details about the new device have not yet been revealed, but mainly about the media it uses, but the photos show that the new robot is a kind of improved version of the Heurist 360 that was first unveiled in 2018. The original vacuum cleaner was quite plump, and as such, could not fit under many pieces of furniture. Now it seems to be a slightly thinner and lower version that comes with the same 360 ​​camera, and LED lamps that help the robot see in the dark and in areas where there is insufficient lighting.

Dyson seems to have decided not to go the way of Roborock and most of the other manufacturers that engineer round robots, but the iRobot way that creates robots in a slightly different design that allows the robot to clean much more closely to the wall and corners. According to the caption that appears on the body of the device, it looks like it is about to use Dyson’s newest brushless motors, Hyperdymium, which may present a very impressive suction capacity even against the best vacuuming robots on the market.

However, these are the only details that have been revealed so far, although the very fact that Dyson has registered this product in the FCC indicates that the company is about to officially unveil the product later, and there is no better season for it than the upcoming holiday season. However, we have seen in the past products in the FCC that have been significantly delayed. So we’ll have to wait a little longer to find out if this is a new claim to the crown of the kings of the vacuuming robots.