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Scanning documents no longer require you to have a scanner at home or even a scanner integrated printer, all you need today is a smartphone and an app. In a world where there are plenty of applications, the most popular of which has been perceived in the past as containing malicious code – the team at Google’s special projects incubator has prepared an offer that you can not refuse and that will put you in a mess of documents.

Scan and organize all your documents

Stack is the new project to be launched worldwide from Area 120 – Google’s incubator that brought to the world projects such as the Grasshopper code learning app and recently also what can be defined as a “tick to companies and organizations” – the Threadit tool.

With Stack Google wants you to abandon all the other scanning apps you have on your device, as this is just one of the options the app does – and it does it great. Stack also wants to arrange all the documents you have on the device as well as those that are not there – and you can add yourself.

The app uses the existing AI capabilities in other Google products and computer vision to go through the documents that are fed to it and which it scans to put order in your mess – or in the stack of your documents. For example, if you scan a receipt, the app will immediately detect it and offer to file the receipt under the dedicated folder. Did you scan the message from the insurance company? She too will go to the right place and not be buried in the depths of the gallery.

The app will also scan for important information in your documents that you can find using the app’s search engine, such as a last date to pay for an account you scanned in the app or the total amount you paid from the receipt in your PDF file and which Stack added to the system automatically (if you approve of course).

The app comes with 15 pre-built “stacks” to which you can associate documents such as insurance, home, medical documents, receipts, bills and more. If none of these options match some of your documents – you can simply create a new “stack”.

The only downside at the moment in Stack is the fact that the app only works with documents in English and only for US account holders in Google Play, when it is not clear when exactly it will be released to stores outside the US as well. From my experience with it, I discovered that this is a really convenient app, that scanning an insurance document managed to extract the address of the insurance company’s website and automatically offer me to file the document under the “Insurance” folder.

It is important to note that the app is also available for download outside of the Google store, on the APK Mirror website. We emphasize that although this is a very well-known and trusted site, we do not encourage the installation of applications in a way that bypasses the Google App Store, as they do not go through the same approval and virus scanning process.