If you have the money, but you do not have the space: Logitech has released a mini version of its successful keyboard

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Two years after launching the MX Keys, its excellent keyboard (we were thrilled), Logitech announces the next product in the series, which comes in entirely new dimensions, with some new capabilities.

Emoji button and mute button

Unlike the regular keyboard, the novelty in the MX Keys Mini, as the name implies, is the dimensions. Logitech got rid of the Numpad, the area of the keyboard keys, which is usually found on keyboards and less on laptops. This diet is designed to help in cases of work from home or in cafes and shared work areas, when your work space is limited, and allow you to comfortably place the mouse or cup of coffee you pour on it.

Despite the slimmer dimensions the keyboard comes with some pretty useful buttons like the Mayotte button for the microphone, so you will not have to look for the dedicated button in the app in use at the moment; Article button – for those who use this feature in Google Docs or Word for example; And the Emojis button, because 2021.

Besides, you will find in it almost all the features of the big sister, that is, keys with a concave concave surface for typing; Keypad lighting with a sensor that turns on when you zoom in and out when you walk away; And charging in USB-C, which according to the company will suffice for 10 days (with lighting) or 5 months (without lighting).

The keyboard allows you to connect to 3 different computers or smartphones using Bluetooth – just keep in mind that it comes without a dongle – so it all depends on the BT connection of your device. Speaking of different devices, the MX Keys Mini supports all popular operating systems – from the main suspects Windows and macOS through Linux and Chrome OS to Android, iOS and iPadOS. In addition, if you work on Mac and Windows at the same time – as quite a few developers or designers do – you can copy and transfer files from computer to computer simply by Drag And Drop or keyboard shortcuts.