Pioneer’s DM-50D desktop speakers are designed for DJs and budding Dres is reader-supported and the following article contain affiliate links, When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Many mix-masters also work as DJs in their local disco. Problem is, spinning discs and blending tracks require different equipment than desktop monitors. Beefy bass might get the people moving, but it’s hard to balance audio when low frequencies are shaking both your hats off. You are caught between two worlds. Pioneer’s latest speaker system doesn’t make you choose: its DM-50D monitors are designed to be an all-in-one solution for multi-talented mixers.

Class D amplifiers deliver a cleaner punch and larger 5in woofers provide bass. Convex diffusers and time-aligned tweeters are at the top of the list. They should fill the room with clear high frequencies that are free from distortion. And with a wide sweet spot, you should enjoy immersive stereo sound wherever you’re sitting in your soundproofed garden studio (the shed).

If the turntable awaits, stick the DM-50D in DJ mode for boom that’s tuned to shake the room. Are you ready to mix your next masterpiece of music? Switch to Production mode to get optimised DSP settings for a cleaner sound profile.

A 3.5mm jack on the front makes it easy to hone through your ’phones, while RCA, 3.5mm and TRS inputs on the rear mean you can hook up all your gear – from controller decks to mixings desks.