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#1 Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing machine

The Giantex Portable Mini Twin Tub washing machine is an ultra-convenient option that can fit almost anywhere in your home. If you’re lacking in space, this washer is the perfect option for you. This washer is just 24.8×28.5x15inches and weighs in at only 29lbs. And while this small package may not seem like much, it can take a total of 11 pounds of dirty clothing to wash. With this capacity, you’ll be able to wash the laundry for a medium-sized family with no problem.

The Giantex washing machine only features two washing modes (soft and normal), but you get a variable wash timer dial up to 15 minutes that gives you more flexibility over how long you’d like your clothes to wash. Once your clothes are done washing, you can use the Giantex’s additional drying functionality in the second tub. The drying tub isn’t as large as the washing tub, with only 6.6 pounds of capacity, but offers 110 watts of power to spin the clothes dry. The washer is extremely easy to use, and also very easy to maintain. You just need to turn the dials in order to operate the washer. You can easily remove all the plastic parts of the washer for maintenance or cleaning. 

#2 SUPER DEAL Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing machine

The Super Deal Portable Twin Tub Washing Machine is quiet during operation. While portable washers can make a lot of noise when full loaded, the Super Deal washer makes it quiet. This washer is impressive due to its powerful motor, which can spin at 1300 RPM in a wash cycle. This washing machine is well built with a durable plastic body. It will not rust or need excessive maintenance.

The Super Deals washing machines have a total capacity of 8 pounds in each tub and 5 in the dryer tub. This unfortunately means you’ll either need to wash fewer clothes per cycle so they all fit in the dryer or leave a portion of your wet clothes in the washer tub until the first portion is dried. It can take some fine tuning to get your wash and dry cycles synced up, but once you do, this doesn’t become much of a problem. You can choose between a normal wash cycle or a soft cycle, and we were pleased with the performance on the soft cycle, which didn’t put undue wear and tear on delicates.

#3 Panda Compact Washing Machine

The Panda Compact washing machine offers a total of 1.6 cubic feet (cu ft) of washing capacity, which equates to about 11 pounds of dirty clothes, which is large enough for multiple pairs of jeans and other bulky items. And with 6 different washing modes, you’ll be sure to achieve a comprehensive clean every single time you wash your clothes. These washing modes include Normal and Quick, Heavy, Bulky & Delicate, Spin Only, and Bulky & Bulky. The Panda also has an Extra Rinse function that, if activated, will rinse your clothes again with clean water following the normal rinse cycle.

The overall construction of the top load washer is also worth mentioning. The tub is made of strong stainless steel and is long-lasting. The washer comes with a clear lid so you can inspect your clothes without having to open the washer. After some practice, the operating panels are clearly labeled and make it easy to use. We recommend taking some time to read the instructions so you know exactly what you’re doing on your first attempt. 

#4 Costway Mini Washing Machine

The Costway Mini washer, which measures just 20 inches in height, 14 inches wide, 13.5 inches deep, is the smallest of our options. And while that means you won’t be able to wash much in a single load (only around 5.5 pounds of clothes), the space you save is well worth it, especially if you’re using this unit in an RV or a small apartment in the city.

The washing machine is extremely easy to use. You simply need to place your clothes and detergent into the basket and fill it with water. Then, select the wash time. While the compact washing machine doesn’t have multiple wash options, you do get to choose how long you want the clothes washed for, including a 5 minute Quick Wash setting. 

#5 hOmeLabs Washing machine

If you enjoy long RV trips, you will know how difficult it can be for you to decide whether to bring a lot of clothes or if you want to use a laundromat. The hOmeLabs Portable Washing Machine is the answer. This lightweight washer weighs only 44 pounds and measures just 31″ tall by 18″ wide. This washer is small and compact, making it ideal for tight spaces such as RVs and small apartments or cabins.

Of course, with this small of a size, you’ll only be able to wash about 6 pounds of clothes at a time. On the plus side, the hOmeLabs Portable washing machine is one of the most user friendly options we’ve featured on our list, with a clearly labeled user interface that you can just set and forget. You can also hook it up to any faucet with its quick faucet connections. Combine that with its whisper-quiet operation, and you’ve got the perfect portable washing machine that can travel with you.

#6 Speed Queen TR3000WN Top-Load Washing Machine

The Speed Queen TR3000WN is a powerful top load washer that’s made from premium components through and through. This washing machine was the best quality we tested. For starters, it’s got a full range agitator that can spin your clothes in a 360 degree range for the most comprehensive clean possible. This powerful agitator is what makes this the best washing machine to wash pet hair. It can wash out hair from clothing, sheets, and blankets. It also has a durable stainless-steel tub. The Speed Queen’s best feature is the auto-balancing system. This keeps your washer clean even if the clothes are not in balance in the tub.

This washing machine is the most costly on our list. However, the additional capacity and cleaning power are well worth the extra cost. According to the internet Speed Queen is the most popular washing machine brand. It lives up to its reputation. The Speed Queen has only three wash cycles, cold, warm, and hot. However, our testing revealed that this basic setup is more reliable than fully-digital displays and computerized washing machine. The Speed Queen TR3000WN will be your best choice if you require more capacity and have enough space.

#7 Portable Mini Twin Tub Washing System

The ZENY Portable Mini Twin Tub washing machine is the most affordable option on our list, and it doesn’t sacrifice a ton of functionality, power or capacity to achieve it. With 13 pounds, the ZENY has the most capacity of all the portable options. The washer is built well, too, with components that don’t rust and can be easily detached for cleaning and maintenance.

The ZENY washer offers only two wash cycles: soft and normal. Despite this limitation, the washer does both jobs very well. During all our tests, the washer was able to clean our clothes without suds. The gravity drain hose is the only problem with this portable washing machine’s operation. This hose doesn’t pump the drain water out for you. Instead, you’ll need to hold the hose lower than the washer to drain all the water, which can get inconvenient at times.