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About a year ago, Google announced a new chrome cast, one that first came with a remote control (!) And the first device to come with an upgrade to Google’s TV operating system – Google TV – instead of Android TV. The Chromecast came with 4K support and is to date the only streamer that comes with built-in support for Google’s new operating system for TVs. But very soon he will have a competition.

Support for 4K and voice assistant, but some information items are still missing

After technology sites reported in the last few months about a first competitor to Chromecast, at least when it comes to native support on Google TV, this weekend it was officially confirmed – Realme is going to be the first manufacturer with a streamer to come with the new operating system. The Chinese manufacturer has launched a website for a new dongle from its home that will arrive with Google TV, and will be launched later this week.

The new dongle with the very catchy name realme 4K Smart Google TV Stick, is going to bring your TVs the gospel of Google TV, with 4K support (at 60 frames per second) – without you having to purchase Google’s new chrome cast. On a website that she aired in Realm, where she officially unveiled her new dongle, she states that this is a device officially recognized by Google, which will also include support for Google’s voice assistant, support for HDR10 + and HDMI 2.1 support.

Unfortunately, Rilmi has unveiled its new dongle on an official website – but there are still some details missing. For example, the question of whether the new device will come with a remote control or whether it will be completely controlled through your smartphone, the full specifications of the device and the question: How much will it cost us? Google’s Chromecast costs $ 50, and in the case of Rilmi, it’s a dongle that does not necessarily come with all the features of Google’s flagship product, so it’s likely that this continuum is about to go down.